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Math Super Sites

Common Core State Standards Test Preparation - Math
TurtleDiary  - searchable site for Math, English, Science
Learning Farm - Common Core Math and Language Arts 
AAA Math
A+ Math
Rainforest Maths -
i4c - Internet for Classrooms by grade level skills
Teacher's Mousepad
GameQuarium - Math
King's List of On-line Math Activities
School Time Games- Math Reasoning
Tic Tac Toe Squares
KidZone Math Word Problems
BBC Maths - by grade level
Cyberkidz Math - ages 4-11
Fruit Shoot Division
Math Games online for first, second & third grade.
NLVM Math Skills Virtual Manipulatives 



Math Facts Practice
Modeling Addition of 2-Digit Numbers with Regrouping
Addition 2 Digit Step-by-step
Adding Nines
Subtracting Nines
Many Math Skills Practice Activities (3-5)
Speed Grid - Addition
Speed Grid - Subtraction
In/Our Machine - Math Brain Game for Kids 
YouTube: 1 up 1 down Subtraction Method Explained. The EASIEST method in the world.

Place Value

IXL - Place Value
I4C - Place Value
Place Value Made EasyMath Cats – Really Big Numbers
Vertical regrouping - Modeling Addition
NLVM Base Blocks Addition + Subtraction
FunBrain Place Value Puzzler
Math Cats - Really Big Numbers


AAA - Rounding and Estimation
i4c Rounding
BBC Rounding


Kids OLR Interactive Fractions
Fraction Shoot
BBC Fractions
Fish Tank - Probability - Equivalent Fractions

Percents and Probability

Math Goodies - Probability
MathWire - Data Analysis and Probability
BBC Teachers -Probability.
BBC Fish Tank


BBC - Shapes
BBC - Angles
BBC - Shape and Space
AAA Math - Geometry
PBS Kids - Tangrams
Math Geometry
Fun with Shapes
Shape Sorter
Quilts - Four Kinds of Symmetry


i4c - Making and Understanding Graphs
BBC - Interpreting Data
Create a graph
Billy Bug & His Quest for Grub - Coordinates


Monster Math – Multiplication
Sheppard Software - Math (Multiply, Divide)
Speed Grid - Multiplication
ABCya! Math BINGO - (+, -, x, or /)
Decimals - PBS Kids
Cyberchase Math Games
Abiator - Multiplication Word Problems
Free Math Games and Online Practice
Multiplication Games For Kids -By
Multiplication Games - Free Online Interactive Multiplication Games Math Baseball
Brainormous Multiflyer
AAA Math - Division
A+Math - Planet Blaster - Set Multiplication or Division
A+Math - Hidden Picture - Division
I4C - Division
Mad Math Minutes - Add, Subtract, Multiply, Divide

Measurement + Time

Rainforest Maths - Time
Time Teacher - Cyberbee
Willy the Watchdog
Teaching Time: Bang on Time!

Northpole - Telling Time
Time Sites
BBC - Snapdragon Telling Time
AAA Math: Measurements
Surfnet Kids - Metric Measurement + Conversions
i4c - Measurement (by grade level
BBC - Measures 


Counting Money -
i4c - Counting Coins and Coin Value
FactMonster - Money Math
Counting Money - Harcourt
Discovering Coin Values
Math Playground – Making Change
Funbrain Change Maker
Just for Kids - Making Change
Play to Learn - Count Money
Piggy Bank - 4th grade?
MegaPenny Project shows you lots and lots of pennies, up to one quintillion! And there's a chart show